Summer school, September 21 - 22, 2023

The First Summer School of the NanoCAT project took place this year on September 21 - 22 in Vienna at the premises of TU Wien, back-to-back to the thematically related TACO-NanoCAT conference. 

The participants were mainly team members from all three project partners. The primary aim of the gathering was to spread information about the methods and equipment used by the NanoCAT partners and develop synergies. This was achieved by a sequence of introductory lectures of the three Principal Investigators followed by supplementary presentations of individual team members focusing on particular details. Most participants have had the opportunity to present their work in lectures or during a short poster session and at the TACO-NanoCAT conference. The Summer School program was concluded with an excursion to the laboratories of the Institute of Applied Physics TU Wien.

Thanks to our partners from TU Wien the Summer School and the visit to their laboratories was a very successful meeting, and we look forward to our further cooperation.